About the Éire Vedanta Society

The “Éire Vedanta Society” was originally established as the Institute of United Culture in 2003 by Swami Purnananda in order to study, practice and propagate the unified position of Vedanta as the perennial truth about the cosmos, and the beings in it as well as the methodologies of its realisation.

Our aims are therefore:

  • The propagation of the potential divinity of every being and how to manifest it through every action and thought
  • The promotion of the harmony of religions on the basis that all religions lead to the realization of the same Reality
  • The development of well-balanced personalities by the combined practice of philosophy, devotion, selfless service and meditation and the alleviation of human suffering where possible especially in the area of education and the upliftment of the distressed.

Our Activities

Institute shrine

1. Study:

 Study consists of reading or hearing, reflecting on and meditating on Vedanta texts; this is facilitated through study groups, workshops, retreats and consultations with competent teachers.

2. Practice:

Practice consists of employing individual approaches and methodologies and recognising and serving the Divinity in others. Selfless service to others is facilitated through charitable works and monetary donations to selected educational and charitable organisations.

2a. General Model

The service model attends to the practical needs of people in Ireland for mental and spiritual guidance and upliftment, as well as solutions to varying personal problems. In return for these services, donations are freely given and directed to areas of physical, educational and material needs within the world community.

3.Teaching & Propagation:

Teaching & propagation consists of providing literature, talks and lectures, providing workshops and courses and engaging in constructive intercultural dialogue.