sister nevadita

Swami Purnananda on occasion of 'Awakening a Nation', Dublin 14th April 2012, Samuel Beckett TheatreClick here for more info

When we think about the great Swami Vivekananda significantly bestowing Margaret Noble with the name “Dedicated”, two things occur. Firstly, that he knew her character well enough to give her a name that would inspire her and others and, at the same time characterise her most essential and dominant trait.

Secondly, that he was passing on a certain energetic impulse around the trait that he valued most in the context of spiritual life and expression. For him, spiritual life was not an isolated life of the spirit, but a practical way of service.

The clues about the qualities necessary for a fully dedicated life are contained in the Swami’s “green light” letter to her: “Your education, sincerity, purity, immense love, determination and above all, the Celtic blood make you just the woman wanted." These six skills and values can be taken one by one as the necessary preparatory grounding that leads to a dedicated life.