My Dear X,

Good to see you yesterday as a near neighbour. By now you will have seen that all disturbances in the mind are due to desires. Since our purpose is to see the God, only one desire remains paramount - The Divine Mother. She is not to be viewed as a supply agent like Tesco, since love knows no reward or fear or rival, but She has given you the creative resources and capacity to adjust your life through proper tuning. Whatever desires there are in the mental field at the most hidden subconscious level need to be burnt up.

Typical desires that we suffer from are for objective health, wealth, happiness, then more subtle ones such as desire to be loved, to be good etc and then there are the desires for results. All of these will disturb our calm and they can be observed as reactions such as anxiety, fear and despondency etc, since desires are outward movements that try to pull away from corresponding fears.

Increase your thankfulness, awareness and love of God. Once lit, the burning love of God will consume all other desires, light up your life for others and shine with joy; feel this surge within you. Increased discernment and renunciation complement your acquisition of a human body, intelligent mind and holy company.

Love and Blessings

Swami Purnananda