krishna reincarnation

Dearest X,

In truth Spirit by definition is part less and timeless with no coming or going (according to our philosophy). It was that great world teacher Krishna who said ("Celestial Song" - Bhagavad Gita - 15.7) that "an eternal portion of Myself (speaking from God's point of view as it were) having become the embodied soul in the world of living beings, draws to itself the senses with the mind as the sixth, which are in Nature".

Technically,then, from this point of view, failure to recognize this is called ignorance that includes the irrationality of it. As long as this forgetfulness remains, we have a desire to continue the "game" of life which has, as its underlying current an urge for perfection and fulfillment or return to Spirit if you will; wiser people do not want a "return ticket" and they remain "tuned" as it were, working for the welfare of others and neither coming nor going.

For most people and systems, rebirth is the normally accepted position, seeing seasonal cycles of birth, life death and re-birth. Christians state this as resurrection, heaven and so on. Muslims take it as paradise. Hindus, Buddhists and Jains also accept heavens, hells etc. and more significantly, eventually "taking another taxi with baggage (accumulated experience)" to continue the journey to freedom. Crudely put - re-incarnation. In the realm of causation, the game of reaping and sowing will always continue.

All the post mortem ideas are glorified versions of perceived earthly happiness or otherwise that reflect our attachment to this earth and our struggle to remain in the spatial/temporal pleasure zone. The wiser person does not accept re-incarnation as they don't accept this "current" non Spirit incarnation either.

How to get this freedom is the subject of steady religious practice and spirituality. Systematically freeing the mind from the slavery of attachment and objective egocentric desires by replacing them with more sublime and noble values. May we all endeavor with great strength and resolve to cultivate this mind as the insightful gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven within wherein sits the King/Queen.

Love and Blessings