The following Courses and Workshops are run regularly by the society.

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Silent Guided Retreat

Three day retreat, normally at Glenstal Abbey

Enneagram and the Essence of Truth

“When we were in our formative years, we had to respond to the demands that came from our parents. In forming a strategy, we developed a compulsion based drive that formed the corner stone of our personality and a habitual response to life. The Enneagram postulates that this presents 9 personality types and it provides a systematic map of them. By understanding our type we can grow and by understanding other types, we have the means to understand and empathize with them.” – Swami Purnananda 

The Game of Guiding Thought

This is a course on meditation principle, practice and individual guidance - part one is 2 days & part two is 2 days.

The Art of Work

This is a course on Karma Yoga - 2 days

Steps in Spiritual Life

This is a course on Bhakti Yoga - 2 days

Art of Discernment

This is a course on Jnana Yoga - 2 days

The Joy of Mystic Life

This is a course on Raja Yoga - 2 days

Vedanta - The Basics

This goes though the fundamentals of universal philosophy over two days and is designed to remove confusion and assist practice.

Passed Tension

Mental stress is today, but can be mastered systematically. This three day course offers the recipe.